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Eat What You Want and Still Lose The Weight
writes, "I see this statement everywhere - is there really any truth in it? I have noticed some changes in my body after having my last child at the age of 40. Call it hormones or just my body clock moving a little slower, whatever the case may be - I cannot eat what I want and still lose the weight. Trust Me!"
Lets say your typical day of eating looks something like this:

- Oatmeal for breakfast.
- Fat Free/Sugar Free Coffee-like Substance at your mid morning slump.
- Subway sandwich for lunch because you want to be like Jared.
- Bagel, granola, or other such processed carbs (or maybe another sugar-laden caffeinated beverage) to fight the afternoon slump.
- Pasta or rice at dinner along with a glass or two of wine.
- Something crunchy or sweet between 8 and 10 pm

Since your Standard American Diet (SAD) is nowhere near natural because of all those processed carbs, glucose and insulin remain high throughout your day. This can eventually lead to insulin resistance in those cells that use glucose as energy.

So what this means is carbs are eaten and broken down to glucose, insulin sends glucose to your cells to be used as energy or to the liver for a quick composition change so it can be stored as fat.

This state of elevated insulin you have created by this point is bad. You can only store a small amount of glucose (as glycogen), but a nearly unlimited amount of fat can be stored, much to the dismay of your buns and thighs. High levels of glucose in the blood stream are toxic, just ask a type 1 diabetic.

I am not saying all carbohydrates are bad. They are a normal and natural part of human nutrition and biochemistry. What is not normal is our mass consumption of processed carbohydrates. So if you embrace a solid exercise plan and an all-natural eating plan, something a little closer to The Paleo Way, you will discover a leaner, healthier you!

References obtained from http://primitivestimulus.com/about/

Trina K Kubitschek, CPT
Owner of CrossFit Station
Mom of Kayla, Kasson, & Violet

What is the Paleo Way?

-- anan1, Oct 17, 2011 10:59am
I don't know if this will help you. http://robbwolf.com/ also if you google the word paleo you will find lots of information. Thank you :)

-- Trina, Oct 25, 2011 07:18am

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