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Category: Natural Wellness

Exclusive articles by Eagle experts sharing views on health, fitness, family, art, food, fashion and community news. Click Here to Meet our Contributers

Sticking to a Healthy Diet During the Holidays
writes, "Whether you are trying to lose weight, have food sensitivities, or are trying to eat healthy in general, the holiday season often proves to be the most challenging time of the year. Family members may not understand special dietary needs and simply being around foods that you don't normally allow yourself can be incredibly tempting.

As we are headed in to holiday season, here are some ideas to make this wonderful time of year easier.

How Does Food Affect Your Child?
writes, "Many parents struggle when it comes to food and their children. What should I feed my kid? How many servings of fruits and vegetables should they have? When is my baby ready for solids, and which type should I feed him first? How is the food I am feeding my child affecting their mood, development, and future? Parents also worry if their child is eating enough of the "right" foods. Advice comes in all shapes and sizes; family, friends, and the internet all have the "best" ideas on food. A little research upfront will build a strong foundation for the future of your child's health."

Vitamin D
writes, "Are you getting enough Vitamin D? Here are some tips for getting the right amount for your body."

Vitalistic vs. Mechanistic Health Care
writes, "An Unfortunate Battle of over 2500 years....

There are two very distinct models of Health Care; Vitalistic and Mechanistic . Unfortunately these two models have conflicting views and have not been able to agree on a system of health care that pays respect to both philosophies.

Hippocrates, born in 460BC, first raised the debate with his statement; "Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease." This view had been thought to be "outdated," however, it is now regaining ground and holds high validity for millions of individuals.

What are these two models?

Natural Child Birth
writes, "With Cesearan sections at an all-time high of 34%, and 50% of women walking into hospitals in labor asking for an Epidural, along with the soaring number of "planned" inductions, I think we need to be reminded of the Good (what now seems to be) "Old Fashioned" benefits of Natural Childbirth."

Gut Health
writes, "Most people have heard the old saying, "You are what you eat." In reality, "You are what you absorb." When our digestive system is not functioning properly, we get into a state of "dysbiosis," which can negatively impact our immune functioning, the absorption of certain vitamins, and even our body's hormonal system."

Baby Carrying: Not a Fad
writes, "The security of a parent's arms is irreplaceable in a child's physiological development and well-being. "

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