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Category: Operation: Sanity!

Exclusive articles by Eagle experts sharing views on health, fitness, family, art, food, fashion and community news. Click Here to Meet our Contributers

Adios, Summer
writes, "Guess what, moms?

It's the end of summer, our kids are headed back to school, and we managed to survive yet another summer vacation. We made it through the complaints, the sibling rivalry, the time-outs, and all the other behavioral issues our offspring succumb to while on hiatus from their studies. We persevered. We endured. And now? Well, now it is time to celebrate!

As in P-A-R-T-Y!! Yes, you heard me right.

Mid-Summer Spoiling
writes, "We have officially hit the middle of Summer! If you are a stay-at-home mom like me trying to keep your kids busy every day, I bet you're feeling a bit frazzled and even neglected.

Here is what I propose: Take a day off and hit the spa! Here's my list of favorite places to get pampered in Eagle.

Summertime Sanity-Savers (On the Cheap)
writes, "Here are just a few of the many summertime activities you can do for mere pennies (if not free):"

Potty Training Rebellion
writes, "I swore that after Christmas, I would start potty training my two and a half year-old. Yep, that kid was going to be enrolled in "Potty Training Boot Camp," and I was destined to start celebrating the fact that diapers were no longer going to be in my grocery budget. In fact, I even bought him his favorite character(s) underwear and stickers to use as rewards in preparation of this monumental occasion.

So why am I still buying diapers?

The Gift of Giving
writes, "The sounds, sights, and smells of the holiday season usually have us recalling a favorite tradition or memory. I'll be the first to say, that this is my favorite time of year. But in all honesty, most of us spend too much time (and money) in the days leading up to Christmas that we hardly have time to enjoy it. We fail to remember what the true meaning and spirit of the holiday season is all about: the gift of giving."

Countdown to Christmas-Everything
writes, "Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Whether you are in denial or not, Christmas is right around the corner. We are talking less then 75 days until jolly old St. Nick makes his trip around the world and arrives at your door, down your chimney, or however else he gets into your house.

Are you ready?

Canning the Chaos of Costumes
writes, "You can feel it in the air. The weather has changed, the leaves are beginning their annual transformation, and in the distance I'm beginning to hear the howl. The howl of Halloween that is."

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