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writes, "We live in an age where information is instant and immediate. If we don't like what we hear we turn it off, change the channel, click the back button, or unsubscribe. So what do we know to be true? I have been sharing tips with you for over 6 years, and I hope you question my authority. What I am saying is do your research - what are the best options for one may not be the best options for you, and they certainly are not your only options. Don't believe everything you read in magazines, see on the internet, facebook, twitter, and tv. Just because someone says they have tons of experience or they have a list of credentials does not always make them an expert."
The more knowledge you have about something the more power you have to make the best choices for you. So with that said - the new year is approaching and so are the new diets and exercise plans. You don't even have to go looking for them - somehow they find you. You know you need a change so what plan do you choose to go with?

My opinion:

1) Start with what works for you.

2) Time. Food planning and exercise require time. Allow into your schedule 30 minutes to an 1 hour each day.

3) Convenience. Pack and prepare food that is conveniently healthy and easy to eat. Exercise in the early morning before everyone needs you, or get it done before going home where you will be ambushed with other responsibilities.

4) Intensity. You don't have to spend hours on the dreadmil to burn fat and create lean muscle. Select short intense workouts that bring the heart-rate up and require some major muscle fatigue.

5) Variety. I have seen the same people doing the same exercise routines for decades. If this is you, add a group X class, hire a trainer 1 day a week, check out a hot yoga class. Your body enjoys the variation and spiciness you throw in.

6) Accountability. Make an exercise date with your friend, neighbor or spouse, or maybe it is just with the group you work-out with in your group X class. They will hold you accountable.

7) Plan. This is a tough one for most of us to do. But if you think about it - you plan your day around everyone else's schedule - getting the kids to school, driving them to soccor practice, dentist appointments, the grocery store. Why not put a little plan in there for you. When there is a will there is always a way.

8) Ask for support. Do this out loud. Tell your entire support/network what you are trying to acheieve and how you will manage it all. Tell them you must have their support in order to be successful. You would be surprised - we love to help others if we just know how.

As I sit here and think of all the ways we can change, I also hear the list of excuses. A motivational speaker once said, "Excuses are well planned lies." Something to think about.

Trina K Kubitschek, CPT
Owner of CrossFit Station
Nutrition Counseling
Endurance Coaching


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