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Giant Homemade Card with Gift Card Pocket
writes, "Giving a gift card is way more fun with a GIANT card that kids can make and decorate themselves."
Piece of posterboard
Old magazines
Decorative paper
Markers, colored pencils, or crayons
Glue stick
Tape {we used Japanese Washi Tape in various colors}
Gift card of your choice

1) Fold the Card
Fold your posterboard down the center {hamburger-style} to create your card base.

2) Decorate the Front
Decide which side will be the front of your card. Make sure the fold is on the left side, and that it opens on the right side. Cut large letters and pictures out of old magazine pages & decorative paper, and glue them to the front of your card using a glue stick. For letters that are hard to find, you can cut the letter shape out of a solid or patterned paper. You can also draw pictures or write words on plain paper, then cut them out & glue them on. Our card says, "Happy Birthday, Mackenzie!" We added pictures of a strawberry, a giraffe, butterflies, flowers, presents, and her age {13}.

3) Add Pockets to the Inside
Open up your card. Lay a whole piece of paper or a whole magazine page horizontally on the bottom half of one of the sides. Tape the bottom and sides of the paper, leaving the top open, to create a pocket. Make two pockets, like we did, or more if you want to include more than one gift card. You could also tuck a note or drawing inside one of the pockets. Since our card was from two girls, we wrote, "From Ashlyn," and, "From Marian," then framed the words with more fancy tape.

4) Add Ribbons
Tape a long piece of ribbon to the small gift card. We folded long lengths of ribbon in half and taped the gift cards into the folds. Tuck the gift card down inside the pocket with the ribbon hanging out to create a long pull-tab.

5) Decorate the Inside
You can write a message {there's room for a LONG letter} or decorate the inside in the same way that you did the front of the card. This can be a great place to let kids get creative with drawings.

More Ideas:
~ Punch a hole at the top left corner {near the fold} and tie on a few helium balloons.
~ Make the front of your card look like a present: cover with a sheet of wrapping paper, a criss-cross of ribbon, and a bow in the center.
~ Use a regular sized card {or cards} in place of the pockets. Attach the back of the envelope to the inside of your giant card using a glue stick or double-stick tape.

Catie Eyer
Artist, mom, and blogger at http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com/


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