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Recycled Paper Award Ribbon
writes, "Do you know someone who deserves an award for being awesome? Maybe they make the world a better place, or maybe they simply make your day. Let them know just how fantastic they are with a Recycled Paper Award Ribbon."

Basket coffee filter {makes a circle when flat}
Various recycled papers {colorful magazine pages, sheet music, sewing patterns, newspaper}
Cereal box {just a small piece}
Magnet {not for young children}

1) Make the Base
Flatten out your coffee filter {or just cut a large circle of paper}. To give it some structure, cut a circle of cereal box about 3 inches in diameter and glue it to the back. Cut six strips of colorful magazine pages roughly 6 inches x 1 1/4 inches. Bend them in half without creasing in the middle, so they make a rounded loop shape. Tape the ends at the center of your coffee filter {on the front} so they are evenly spaced and resemble a flower. Use a glue stick on the backs of the loops to attach them to the coffee filter.

2) Make the Ribbons
Cut strips of paper in varying widths and lengths. Cut the ends into points to make them look like ribbons. Stack and glue them so that the widest pieces are at the back, with the narrower pieces overlapping at the front. Staple the ribbon bundle to the center of the coffee filter flower {you will hide the staple in the next step}.

3) Make the Center
Cut or tear a few circular shapes of different sizes. Glue them down in the center of your flower with the largest circle at the back, stacking the other circles overlapping by size in the center.

4) Spell Out Your Message
Decide what you want your award ribbon to say {mine says "Awesome"}. Some ideas are: Super Mom, Best Teacher EVER, You Rock!, #1 Swimmer, Birthday Boy. You can personalize this in any way you want. Search your magazines and newspapers for the letters you need. Trim them down to size and glue them to a strip of paper that will fit in the center of your award ribbon. Glue the strip of paper in place.

5) Attach a Magnet
Hot glue works best for securing a magnet to the back, but please be careful.

Ideas for use:
~ Turn your award ribbon into a wearable work of art by adding another loose magnet. With the award ribbon on the outside of your shirt, attach the loose magnet to the inside of your shirt at the same spot. The magnets will work through thin fabric without making a hole like a pin.

~ An award ribbon would look beautiful on top of a wrapped present.

~ Make personalized award ribbons for each person at your party. Use them as place cards that everyone can wear.

~ Grab whatever embellishments you have on hand to make your award ribbons over-the-top amazing: glitter glue, gold stars, feathers, sequins.

Catie Eyer
Artist, mom, and blogger at http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com


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