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Beautiful OOPS!
writes, "It's okay to make a mistake. It's even better to make it awesome. This art lesson, based on the book Beautiful OOPS!, gives you permission to bend it, tear it, smudge it, spill it, to help see your accidents as opportunities."
Plain white paper
Colored pencils
Watercolor paints
Coffee or hot chocolate
Fresh or frozen berries
Grass & dirt
Bits of recycled papers

1) Make a Mistake
Start with a fresh piece of paper, full of potential mistakes. Set up a few mess stations: a mug of coffee to make the telltale coffee ring; a plate of soft berries to smoosh into your paper; a clump of grass with dirt attached to make some stains. Other mistakes may include, but are not limited to: tearing, crumpling, or folding the paper; spilling a moderate amount of water onto the paper; making an unintentional smudge, smear, splatter, or squiggly line right across the paper. Take your time... making your own OOPS! might be more fun than you realize.

2) Make It Awesome
It might surprise you just how beautiful a coffee spill or a berry smear can be. Go ahead and leave it if you like, or turn it into something else: a coffee ring might become a basketball; a grass stain might become a tree. If you encounter a big wet spot {from a major spill} consider flipping your paint set upside-down to use as a giant stamp - the wet paper will drink up the colors. Do you have a tear or a hole? It just might become a monster mouth. Tape a few strips of colored paper to the back and pull through the tear for a fire-breathing dragon or just some textural interest. Seek out new ways to respond to things that might normally qualify for a do-over. Embrace your OOPS!

See a peek at the book Beautiful OOPS! and more examples here: http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com/2012/11/art-paper-scissors-beautiful-oops.html

Catie Eyer
Artist, mom, and blogger at http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com/


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