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Flour Sack Gift Bag
writes, "Sew a few of these reusable gift bags to give away and a few to keep. This is a great project for beginning sewers."

Flour sacks {available in a 2-pack at WinCo}
Small pieces of pretty fabric {9" x 11" or smaller}
Straight pins
Sewing machine {or a needle & thread}
Plenty of adult supervision and guidance

1) Wash and Iron
Before you begin cutting or sewing, it is a good idea to wash and iron all of your fabric. This way, any shrinking happens before you sew. Ironing your fabric flat will make the sewing easier.

2) Fold and Mark
Lay your washed & ironed flour sack on a table. Turn the square shape on point, so that it is oriented like a diamond. Fold it in half by bringing the bottom point up to meet the top point. You should have a triangle shape. Using a pencil, lightly draw 2 vertical lines about 14 inches from the side points. These lines will become the side seams of your bag.

3) Add Pretty Fabric
Lay a piece of pretty fabric on top of the bag, between the pencil lines. Use straight pins to hold it in place {be careful to only pin it to the first layer of the flour sack}, then unfold your flour sack and sew around the edges using a zigzag stitch. The fancy term for this is applique. It is really like sewing on a big patch.

4) Refold and Sew
Once your pretty fabric is sewn onto the front, fold your flour sack again, only this time fold it INSIDE OUT. You will need to redraw your pencil lines {about 14 inches from the side points} to see them from the inside of the fabric. Pin along these lines, then sew using a straight stitch. Be sure to tack the ends of your stitches to lock them {tack means to stitch forward and backward a few times to lock the stitch}.

5) Trim and Finish
Carefully trim along the outside of your seams, leaving a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Turn your bag right side out, and you're done!

6) To Use
Put a present inside the bag, then use the top 2 corner points to tie the bag closed. The knot will look like a bow on top of your present.

Other ideas:
~ A set of gift bags would be a great present all by itself. Wrap a few bags inside another bag.
~ These bags will also make great reusable grocery and produce bags.
~ Sew your leftover corner points together to make a smaller gift bag. Since they are two separate pieces, you'll have to sew a bottom seam {instead of a fold}.

Catie Eyer
Artist, mom, and blogger at http://five-ten-fifteen.blogspot.com


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